Cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese pie

Cherry tomatoes and cottage cheese pie


350g 405/550 flour
250g chilled butter
1tsp salt
1tbsp white wine vinegar
125ml cold water

Cherry tomatoes
Olive oil
Maldon salt
Cottage cheese

15-20 cm cake tins


  1. Oil your tin
  2. Place your water and vinegar in the fridge
  3. Take your butter out of the fridge, cut in cubes
  4. Create a mountain of flour
  5. Make a whole in the center to place the butter, with your fingers work the dough so they transform like walnuts
  6. Add the chilled water, forming a ball
  7. Divide your dough in half, you can save the other in your freezer for another pie
  8. Place the other half’s in the tin after letting it rest in the fridge for about 30min.
  9. With your fingers press it, have fun, make a little wall on the edges, don’t be afraid of the height, it will shrink with the heat.
  10. Place your favorite dries beans on or some cute spoons.
  11. Bake in the oven 230 degrees for 20mins
  12. Toss your tomatoes in oil and salt, place in your semi cooked dough and bake for a further 20min.
  13. To serve spoons the cheese around the tomatoes, sprinkle the Maldon and gently place some fresh herbs of your choice.