Good wines are like seasonal produce, they have a time and a place when they are just right. As a subscriber we make sure that you’ll have the right wine for the right time.

When a hot new drop comes in our members are the first to know. Every month, subscription packages are curated by our team based on what’s drinking well, what we’re loving and what no-one else can get their hands on. 

Whether you are a wine newbie or a seasoned sommelier, nothing quite beats the feeling of trying a new bottle in a restaurant for the first time and it blowing your mind. We are on a mission to deliver this feeling to your home each and every month.

How it works

Choose your subscription package; 3, 6 or 12 bottles per month and we handle the rest.

No minimum time commitment, cancel anytime you like on 'My Account'.

Receive a monthly email detailing what's in the subscription pack.

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Payments are taken on the first Monday of the month and will be shipped the same day.


  • 3 Bottles, Monthly

    Join the SIPS family and get a 3 bottle subscription to discover what’s new, what’s hot and what we’re drinking!

    Regular price $72.00
    Regular price Sale price $72.00
    Unit price $32.00  per  l
  • 6 Bottles, Monthly

    For people wanting to explore and grow their wine knowledge this is the one for you with six new SIPS to try out every month.

    Regular price $139.00
    Regular price Sale price $139.00
    Unit price $30.89  per  l
  • 12 Bottles, Monthly

    Whether you want to build up your cellar, impress at your dinner parties or just have a great time we double up the six-bottle subscription so you can have twice the fun.

    Regular price $266.00
    Regular price Sale price $266.00
    Unit price $29.56  per  l

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