Furlani Spritz Recipe

Furlani Spritz Recipe


A sparkling Aperitivo recipe with natural ingredients to get you into the mood for Spring! Created during our takeover of Tasca Pete in Lisbon, this is the drink that won everyone's hearts. Using the natural Furlani Vermouth, this cocktail takes on a whole new level of taste. The bottle can be kept in the fridge after opening and brought out for all kinds of occasion. 

The vermouth spritz is a drink with a strange kind of sophisticated allure, with origins tracing back to the charming cafes of 19th-century Italy. Born amidst the bustling canals of Venice, the spritz—originally known as the "spritz veneziano"—emerged as a popular libation among locals seeking respite from the balmy Venetian afternoons. 

To make the Spritz you'll need:

• A few large Ice cubes
• 50ml Cantina Furlani Vermouth
• 100ml Furlani Alpino sparkling wine
• A splash of olive brine

Garnish with a gilda (hot pickled pepper, olive and an anchovy on a stick)