Ambre's Summer peas, toum & mint oil

Ambre Bede
Ambre's Summer peas, toum & mint oil


100g peeled garlic
65g egg white
12g mustard
15g lemon juice
4-6g salt
240g neutral oil
A handful of fresh green peas

Place all ingredients except oil and peas in food processor.

Once all the ingredients have been added, blend the mixture like a mayonnaise, adding the oil, bit by bit so it doesn’t split.

Then shell a handful of peas and blanch for one minute.
Cool them immediately afterwards to keep their bright green colour. 

Next make a mint oil. To do this, remove the mint leaves from a few stalks of mint and blend with a few generous pours of neutral oil or olive oil - and then blend everything together until the mint is blitzed well. 

Heat the resulting mixture gently and the solid particles should end up at the bottom of your pan. Be careful not to burn the mint.
Strain through a fine sieve and cheesecloth to collect the oil.

To serve, simply spread the toum over your plate, add the peas and drizzle the mint oil over the whole thing!

And at the end, add little edible flowers from the garden, to add colour!

And that’s it 🌸