A SIPS trip to Glashaus in the Uckermark

By Clara Higham-Stoianova
A SIPS trip to Glashaus in the Uckermark

A few months ago, we took a SIPS trip to the Uckermark and stayed at the stunning Glashaus located in the countryside just outside Berlin. It only took us a few months to get around to sharing this experience with our community, but better late than never right?

Our trip started with driving through stunning countryside roads and when we saw this field we couldn't help but stop to bask in the autumn light that was just so inviting for a team Aperitivo.

We reached the house, designed by Danish architect and designer Sigurd Larsen and had expected nothing less than brilliant. We weren't disappointed. The house is bright and airy with a sleek modern feel that's not at all intimidating, but surprisingly cosy and peaceful. 

The star of the show is the large transparent roof, akin to a greenhouse for growing plants. It's particularly nice as the house sits in the middle of forests and lakes so you can feel entirely immersed in nature even while enjoying comfortable inside. The openness of the entire space lends itself really well to a small group of friends, or indeed a couple in need of some time to reconnect.


We naturally spent our days cooking and eating outside in the garden as the weather, for the most part, held out. There were a few entertaining moments caused by surprise showers of rain that meant we had to duck inside carrying a dining table with a whole spread of food still sat on top precariously. 

A dear friend of ours Sarah Blais came on the trip to hang out, and shoot some content for us. It must be said that we are incredibly lucky to have had such a talented photographer work with us to shoot these moments. 

We would also like to extend a heartfelt thanks to Basti who kindly agreed to our little getaway, and opened the doors of this stunning home to us. Contact hi@dasglas.haus if you'd like to book a stay there too, we can highly recomend it! Finally, here's a little selection of our favourite images.

Snacks on the terrace:


A sunset pour with George:


Max and Clara exploring the forest: